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Can Artists Also Walk Out Of Interviews When Delayed By Presenters? – Barima Sydney

Astute Ghanaian hip life artist known for singing and rapping about Ghanaian political issues Barima Sydney has added his voice to the Nana Romeo – KiDi sack with his personal experience.

Sharing his personal experience with Kweku Bee Abrante on Radio 360 and Empire FM 102.7 in Takoradi, the “Scent No” hit maker revealed that, in as much as he condemns attending interviews late, he has been delayed for interviews severally by lots of presenters.

“Kweku, sometimes i get to the studio thirty minutes before the given time by the producer but I end up spending more that one and half hour before the actual interview begins, when this happens can I also walk out of the interview because I have been delayed?, Of course not, that will show disrespect, is the same thing that happened with Kidi”, he divulged.

He encouraged Ghanaians to stand with Kidi and ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Barima Sydney also revealed he would be dropping 3 hot bangers before December, one would concentrate on the 2020 elections brouhaha and Corona issues.

Source : Kweku Bee Abrante

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