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Burna Boy honors Makola Market women on Accra Billboard

Burna Boy, a Grammy-winning Nigerian musician, has taken over Accra’s Makola billboard in a heartfelt tribute to the vibrant Makola Market women.

This touching gesture was inspired by a viral TikTok video created by Official Starter, a Ghanaian dancer known for his “Happy Town Project.”

Official Starter worked with vivacious market women to choreograph joyful dances to popular songs. Their most recent video featured the women enthusiastically dancing to Burna Boy’s “City Boys.” The video quickly went viral, showcasing their contagious love of music and dance.


Burna Boy was moved by their spirit and decided to express his gratitude by adorning the Makola billboard with their images. This act of recognition honoured the women’s love of music and dance while emphasizing the power of music to bring people together.


Burna Boy has been praised on social media for recognizing these unsung heroes and demonstrating the positive impact that artists can have on their fans and communities.




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