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Bisa Kdei is the ‘face’ of Ghana music – Kofi Mante

Within the vibrant Ghanaian music scene, highlife, which embodies the essence and spirit of the nation’s past, is a fundamental component of cultural identity.


Standing at the vanguard of this musical heritage is Bisa Kdei, a legendary figure renowned for his contributions to highlife music and his steadfast commitment to safeguarding Ghana’s diverse cultural heritage.

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Kofi Mante views the chance to work with Kdei on his most recent song, “Bad Boy,” as a celebration of Ghanaian culture and the enduring appeal of highlife music, in addition to being a musical endeavour.


Regarding his partnership with Bisa Kdei, Kofi Mante stated the following: “Working with him (Bisa Kdei) signifies a turning point in his career, indicating his rise to the top of the Ghanaian music landscape. It is a testament to his talent and dedication, as well as a recognition of his potential to make a lasting impact on the industry.”


In “Bad Boy,” Kofi Mante pays homage to the legacy of highlife music, infusing the track with elements of the genre’s signature sound.

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The song perfectly conveys the spirit of Ghanaian music, evoking a world where tradition and modernity live in perfect harmony through catchy rhythms and heartfelt melodies.


With her soul-stirring vocals that bring the music to life and evoke nostalgia for a bygone era, Bisa Kdei is the focal point of the song.
Kofi Mante sees working with Bisa Kdei as more than just a fulfilling career opportunity.

According to Kofi Mante, “it is a testament to the enduring legacy of highlife music and its ability to transcend generations.”


Thinking back on the event, Mante acknowledges Kdei’s contribution to preserving the highlife spirit for new generations of listeners around the globe by calling him the “face of Ghanaian music.”

Kofi Mante was inspired by sounds from his native country while he was in the centre of Suhum, where traditional rhythms blend with modern beats.


As “Bad Boy” captivates listeners worldwide, it serves as a reminder of the enduring appeal of highlife music and the legacy of performers such as Bisa Kdei.


Kofi Mante was born and raised in Suhum, a town renowned for its rich cultural legacy. His passion for music has always been his driving force.
Kofi Mante is still dedicated to pushing the envelope and creating new experiences in the music industry while he continues to promote “Bad Boy” and broaden his palate.


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