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Be Mindful Of What You Say When Issues Concerning Celebrities Come Up – Afia Schwarzenegger Advises Netizens

It is easy to overlook the human faces behind celebrities who are frequently the target of trolls on social media in this day and age of instantaneous opinions and judgements shared on social media.

In a recent video that Ameyaw Debrah Media was able to view, well-known Ghanaian media personality Afia Schwarzenegger provided a poignant reminder of the ramifications of our words and deeds on the internet, particularly in relation to public figure issues.


She asserted that celebrities are fallible people who inevitably make mistakes in life. While acknowledging that celebrities have unique skills, she emphasised that they could face similar difficulties as internet users and that they should not be disparaged when they do.


The comedian went on to warn Ghanaians, particularly online users, to exercise extra caution when discussing matters involving public figures. She emphasised that, despite their appearances, these people are real people with feelings and vulnerabilities.


Remember that celebrities are people just like the rest of us when discussing issues involving them. We are humans, even though we have unique abilities. The same experiences you have with an unsuccessful marriage may also be had by them. They are allowed to drink in the same manner that you do. So watch what you say when it comes to issues involving them,” she advised.


Her advice is a sobering read in a world where social media has spawned unjustified cyberbullying and a cancellation culture.

Celebrities are vulnerable to the psychological effects of hurtful remarks, rumours, and online harassment just like everyone else.


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