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Andy Dosty recounted how he lost his 3-bedroom house and a car to swindlers

Andy Dosty, a well-known media personality, has spoken about some difficult times in his career.


The well-known DJ cum broadcaster recalled how, between 2011 and 2012, he watched helplessly as his properties were swindled from him.

Andy told The Delay Show about his painful experience buying a 3-bedroom house in Nhyieso, a Kumasi suburb, but losing ownership to someone who suddenly showed up with a more convincing document claiming the property was his.


Andy stated that the real estate agent who sold him the property had previously sold it to another person.

When asked if he had taken any steps to resolve or recoup his losses, Andy stated that the ‘untrustworthy’ middleman had since gone into hiding.


“In 2011, I bought a 3-bedroom house in Nhyieso and that one also came with a lot of problems,” he said. “Someone came with documents claiming the house was his. He provided the records that indeed proved that he owned the house. I was also given documents. The middleman did not speak the truth and till now, we don’t know where he is.”


Andy also shared an unfortunate incident in which he lost his car to a musician named Kwesi Sellasie. He explained that he had sold the car to the young man but had not received payment or seen the vehicle since.


“A musician approached me that he wants to buy one of my cars and I gave it to him. To date, I haven’t seen him. He is called Kwesi Sellasie and he lives in Canada. To date, I haven’t heard from him or set my eyes on him. I don’t know his whereabouts. He took the car to Agona Nsaba and I never saw my car or received any money for payment,” he told Delay.


Andy denied that Kwesi Sellasie had died, which could explain the lack of communication, saying, “Nothing has happened to him. He is, however, still alive. Selling my properties is one of my weak points. When you’re not lucky with those things, you end up with the barest minimum.”

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