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Amerado releases much anticipated new song, ‘Abronoma’

“Abronoma” is an ode to life, love, and chasing one’s dreams. The focus is on Amerado’s unique storytelling ability, which uses words to create vivid pictures that appeal to listeners of all backgrounds. IzJoe Beatz’s infectious beats and memorable hooks make this song more than just a song—it is an anthem that will stick in your head and heart.

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Every lyric that Amerado skillfully crafts throughout the verses bears witness to his artistic development and dedication to creating music that is at once classic and modern. More than just a song, “Abronoma” is an emotional rollercoaster that beckons you to dance, think, and commune with the core of the human experience.

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Get ready to be mesmerised by the captivating melodies of “Abronoma” and Amerado’s skillful lyrical abilities. His ability to push musical boundaries while remaining true to his roots is demonstrated on this track, which further cemented his position as one of Ghana’s most significant voices in the music industry.

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