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Allowing foreigners to advertise and banning Ghanaians is discriminatory- Nacee on FDA ban on alcohol

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has been contacted by contemporary gospel singer Nacee to reevaluate the prohibition on Ghanaian celebrities endorsing alcoholic beverages.


Nacee argues that it is discriminatory and nonsensical to permit their foreign counterparts to promote alcoholic beverages within the nation while Ghanaians are prohibited from doing so.


During an appearance as a guest on United Showbiz on UTV, the hit song “Aseda” lamented the tendency among Ghanaians to prioritise foreigners over their own people.

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Nacee explained his reasoning by saying that it will be ineffective to stop well-known citizens of the nation from endorsing alcohol since, even if less well-known people are forced to do so, they will eventually gain notoriety.


“Those who regularly post pictures and videos of themselves become well-known. Before Guinness began promoting Michael Power’s commercials, nobody in Ghana was aware of him. Within a few months, if we continue to show advertisements featuring regular people, they will become so well-known that they might not be able to purchase food from the roadside.

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It is astonishing that while our international counterparts are permitted to advertise, our local celebrities are not allowed to do so. Although regulation of any kind is a good thing, it should not be biased. It is incomprehensible that we love foreigners more than ourselves. Let us cease denying ourselves delicious deals while offering them to foreigners,” he said.





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