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‘All Bobrisky’s male biological parts intact after inspection’ – NCoS

Following the prison admission of crossdresser Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, a non-commissioned officer of the Nigerian Correctional Services (NCoS) has released the results of their investigation.


After being sentenced to six months in prison, the transvestite was searched upon arrival, according to a senior official at the Ikoyi Custodial Centre who spoke with PUNCH journalists in private.

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Their investigation showed that, in contrast to what he claimed, Bobrisky, the transvestite, had not had any surgery or other type of alteration to his male parts.


The spokesperson stated: “Judicial proceedings are public records, and Bobrisky publicly declared that he was a man. Upon arrival at a facility, each prisoner is examined. After a thorough examination, neither genital organ nor gender realignment was found. The biological characteristics were the same for men.


“He was then given a cell, and a certain number of other prisoners were placed with him. He was given a bed space as well. It resembles a boarding house in that your housemaster will give you your personal goods.”

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Additionally, it was said that Bobrisky complied with the rules just like everyone else and did not receive any preferential treatment.


The official stated, “He shows up for class when it is time. He will go get his share of food when it is time. The light-out and preparation work in the same way. He looks at all of these without favouritism. Since being brought in here, he has been conducting his business in the same manner as other prisoners.


He also talked about the widely held belief that Bobrisky was being shielded from potential abuse by other male inmates.


“He is not receiving five-star care, and no one is shielding him from harm,” he declared. He abides by the same laws and guidelines as all other prisoners. The purpose of isolation cells is to stop the spread of infectious diseases.


“Homosexuality is a serious offence and is forbidden in a male prison. Here in the detention centre, homosexuality, or sodomy, is frowned upon. Any prisoner who attempts to contravene him will thus be prosecuted.”


Due to surgery to remove his male organs, Bobrisky has led many people to believe for years that he is no longer in possession of them.

Many people found it ridiculous and infuriating that he had gone so far as to say that he was currently having menstruation.

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