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A letter from Nana Kwame Gyan to Baba Sadiq

Dear Baba Sadiq,
Recently the creative art debate that was organized by TV 3 between you and Mark Okraku Mantey and one other person was powerful. I liked your zeal and you were so much on point and I love you for that.

You are a hardworking young man which of course everyone agrees to of which no one can take that virtue from you.

I admire you soo much especially how you handle your politics void of insults,
anytime you make an argument ,you base it on facts and this I admire alot.

Despite all these we shouldnt also forget you are a business man; CEO of 3 music awards, which means your award scheme deals with musicians ,which is of much concern to me. I plead and I am begging you that, kindly let your words be soft on artiste who have endorsed any political party you don’t side with, because after elections business continues; 3 music awards will come on and you are going to deal with these same musicians ,

I know you need to defend your party but I believe strongly that your words should be soft on any artiste that has endorsed any political party.

As I said early on, I admire you and I like you soo much so let’s try and find a way you will be able to work things out dealing with artiste without being very hard on them (in words) one love .. industry first . God bless you my brother.

Nana Kwame Gyan

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